DataDog and Pure Storage

Today saw the release of the first Pure Storage integration with DataDog.

Now you can use the industry’s leading observability toolset, DataDog, to now monitor your Pure Storage FlashArrays (5/4/22: FlashBlade integration now available as well)

As observability becomes more and more important in a company’s monitoring capabilities, the ability to see the full stack from application to
underlying infrastructure in a single pane of glass becomes more important.

Pure Storage becomes the first storage vendor to provide a DataDog integration for enterprise-class block storage devices, providing
near-real-time reporting on FlashArray capacity and performance metrics.

The integration leverages the Pure Storage FlashArray OpenMetrics Exporter, which runs in a container and effectively acts as a gateway
between any OpenMetrics supporting observability toolset and Pure Storage FlashArrays.

Using the DataDog integration you can collect data on array performance and capacity, as well as individual volume and host capacity and
performance metrics, giving you a clear insight into how your applications are interacting with their external storage.

An example dashboard is provided to give an idea of the types of graphs, gauges and lists that can be achieved through this integration.

Sample DataDog dashboard for Pure Storage FlashArray integration

The DataDog dashboards give you the flexibility to focus on a specific FlashArray or to see data averaged across your entire fleet. By using tags in the DataDog configuration files you can even consolidate your devices into meaningfully named groups.

This is just the beginning of Pure’s partnership with DataDog, so look out for more example dashboards and also an upcoming integration with the Pure Storage FlashBlade, their converged file and object appliance.

(5/4/22) UPDATE:

Today, the DataDog FlashBlade integration was launched. You can get more details on the DataDog website.

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